What insurance do you need to drive to Thailand

Some visitor are confuse with the insurance needed in order to drive to Thailand, the information is available in the FAQ section as well.

There are 2 insurance here. The first one is the Insurance that you purchase at the border. That  insurance cover 3rd party in Thailand but not your own vehicle. The insurance cost about RM15 for about a week coverage. This is compulsory.

Additional Note:  September 2012

I was offered a new insurance policy (Optional ) from the border insurance agent to cover the 3rd party vehicle at Thailand, apparently the cheap RM15 3rd party insurance is only COVER people BUT not their vehicle ( I was wondering all this while but no insurance available at that time )

The new insurance ( Optional ) only started available for a year which cover 3rd party VEHICLE in Thailand. It cost about RM50 for 5 days. In short, for hassle free you need to buy both 3rd party insurance to cover people and vehicle before entering Thailand.

I also understand from the insurance agent from border that Thailand Insurance company is working out another policy to cover 1st party foreign vehicle, please update me if anyone of you can confirm this.

You can purchase the Thai insurance at any agency at Changlun town, usually those restaurant cum rest area along the highway after Changlun town offer this services.  You can have the agent to fill up the Thai arrival card/white card at RM1 each. There are a few restaurant / rest area besides the highway after Changlun town toward Bukit Kayu Hitam like the photo below.

This is the insurance document that you will get from the agent.


In order to cover your own vehicle, you need to purchase from your local insurance company to cover your stay at Thailand.

However, this is optional if you do not think it is necessary.

You can purchase an extension from your existing insurance company. That means if you car is currently insured under MSIG, then you can only buy the extension from MSIG, not from any other insurance company.

For Kurnia Insurance, the insurance premium is 20% of the 1st party insurance that you pay in Malaysia for 30 days coverage. For example, if your car 1st party premium is RM1,000.00, then you need to pay additional RM200.oo for 30days coverage in Thailand. You need to inform the insurance company before you go and when you return. Multiple entry is permitted.

For MSIG insurance, coverage for less then a week is 20% of your existing premium x 1/8. Less then 1 month is 20% of your existing premium x 1/4.  That means if your premium is RM1,000.00, the coverage for less then 1 week is RM25.00, less then 1 month is RMRM50.00

Please find the following addition policy that you will get for the coverage extension.

Some may ask if i purchase the extension 1st party insurance from my local insurance to cover in Thailand, do i still need to purchase the insurance in the border to cover 3rd party in Thailand?

I am not able to verify due to language barrier with Thai Authority.

The different is the one that you extending insurance coverage is a Malaysia company, the insurance that you purchase at the border is a Thai Insurance company. The best person to answer your question is the insurance office in Malaysia.

Of course our common understanding is that 1st party insurance cover 3rd party as well, why need to double insured. But what I can imagine is should something happen and if you are covered under a Thai Insurance Company, they will take care of everything since the insurance policy is made in Thailand or simply say they speak the same language.

If you cover under a Malaysia insurance, you may ( just my guess ) have more claim procedure and hassle. ( For the 3rd Party ) since dealing with foreign company – their legal department may have a long battle and we customers are the one who suffer.

BUT since it merely cost less then RM20, I will just pay and have it insured 3rd party under Thai Insurance Company to avoid any problem if it happen.

Just my personal opinion. Please call your insurance company to find out more.


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9 Responses
  1. Elbert says:

    I think you can write for more details about crossing the border and back.
    btw, I can’t find the “mini shop” you mentioned in previous blog, so i bought the insurance cover in front of Malaysia gateway, there is some shop in there to helping you prepare the document.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Elbert, the name of the MINI cafe change to Naluri recently, anywhere there are a lot of insurance agency around the border.

    Ya… been thinking about writting more detail about the border crossing…. will try my best.

    Once you go through one time… you will not have problem in the future.

    Keep us posted your next trip.


  3. chris says:

    I am planning a trip to Thailand from KL next week. I called Kurnia, my insurance in Malaysia, to extend my first party insurance to Thailand and they told me they no longer offer such first party coverage extension. They only offer the 3rd party bodily coverage, not even 3rd party vehicles and definitely not 1st party.

    So my questions are whether this is correct (I guess it is since it comes straight from Kurnia officer) and whether you have heard any news of the Thai border 1st party insurance you mention.


  4. admin says:

    It all depends on the insurance company to provide the coverage or not base on the risk.

    Last year no insurance provide 1st party insurance coverage because of the flood in Thailand.

    The 1st party insurance at the border I mentioned as per my knowledge not available yet.

    Safe journey and enjoy your trip.

  5. Alex says:

    Nice writeup… and very informative for a first timer like me… I’ll be going on this coming good Friday weekend but will only travel up on Sunday for a night only. Do you think 2 days one night enough for a short getaway in Songkhla only ?

    Sunday is Kedah and Perlis working day right? so does that mean both side of the crossing will be less crowded?

    BTW, you mean till now, all MSian cars driving into Thailand are at their own risk without any 1st party insurance coverage ? :O

  6. admin says:

    Depends on what you want ? A lot of Malaysian from northern state doing day trip.

    If it is normal day, traffic is ok, except it is long weekend holiday then the traffic is real bad.

    The last check was a year ago, where the agent told me the Thai insurance company working on it.

    they may have the 1st party insurance for Malaysian car now, Please do check with the agent and appreciate if you can update us.

  7. Chow YK says:

    Drove to Phuket 2 weeks back. Extended my TOKIO MARINE INSURANCE in Malaysia to cover Kingdom Of Thailand for 10 days. The following quoted on the endorsement:


    Before crossing Padang Besar border, I also bought the usual insurance. I will be clarifying with the TOKIO Marine Insurance again.

  8. Ann Philiip says:


    Can we buy at the Thailand Border Coverage to include Third Party Bodily Injury Liability? How do we go about this ?

    As per Malaysian Motor Tarif extension does not include the above coverage.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Ann Phillip.

  9. admin says:

    You may purchase the insurance covering 3rd parties from the border.