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Hua Hin 2012

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  1. Richard Lim says:

    Wow! Glad I found this site. My brother-in-law & I are planning a driving trip to Chiang Mai in early Dec (4~16). 2 vehicle convoy.

    We are currently working out the itinerary and would love to tap your experiences.

    This will be my second trip to Thailand. I drove to Krabi/Koh Lanta in September.

    If I forward you our planned itinerary, could you advise us on possible Places of Interest along the way and perhaps, places to stay?



  2. admin says:

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for visiting my site.

    I will be more than happy to share some information and I wish to find out more about Koh Lanta from you as well.

    Please email me your trip information to DriveToThailand or just leave it as a comment in the blog.

    Thanks and best regards

  3. Eddie says:

    As i’m going to borrow my dad’s car to Krabi from Bukit Kayu Hitam, what are the important documents do i need to bring? and how long it takes from BKT to Krabi?


  4. admin says:

    Dear Eddie,

    Since you are not the car owner, you need an authorisation letter from your father to allow you to use his car travel to Thailand.

    If possible, get it verify at the local police station, together with the car registration card ( Original if possible ), that is all you need to for border crossing.

    From BKT to Krabi is about 350 KM, it will take about 5 hours.

  5. Quek says:

    I just came back after 6 days for phuket trip, enjoyed the whole Journey, thajks for the info given in your blog!

  6. admin says:

    you welcome. please do share your experience with us.

  7. Quek says:

    It is true that the roadside travel agent are more cheaper, thai agent are very ethical , so dun worry .

  8. vanessa says:

    hi I plan to drive car to custom at Bkt and is possible to rent a car after the custom and continue my journey to hatyai? tq

  9. admin says:

    I don’t see any car for rent, but there are a lot of taxi around.

  10. Munirah says:

    Hi, I found out your web is so useful. I’m planning to go to chiang mai early jan. But still not sure by what. What is the best way? I’m planning to go there by flight from hatnyai. And if there any travel van that you can recommend to me. Thanks!

  11. admin says:

    Sorry, I do not have any contact for Van hiring.

    May be I should check out the next trip.

    Correct me if I am wrong, you intend to fly to Hadyai and chartered a van to bring you to Chiangmai, how many of you in the group ?

    I remembered way back in 2006, to chartered a van cost about RM200 per day excluding fuel. meal and hotel room must be provided to the driver.

  12. Edward says:

    Hi admin,

    Glad to find your website. Actually I’m planning a trip to bangkok…But in the meanwhile, thought of having some side stop, city viewing and any interesting places to visit…Do u have any idea on that?… =)

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