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Drive To Phuket – Day 1

1 Phuket RoadDate : 5th September 2010
Time : 7.00am ( Malaysia Time ) – 5pm ( Thailand Time)
Destination : Kuala Lumpur – Trang
Distance : About 650KM

Leaving our comfy home at 6.30am, driving at boring North South Highway, breakfast at Tapah rest area and finally real border at 1pm Malaysia time.

Since it is Sunday noon and I do not foresee heavy traffic at both Malaysia and Thai custom, after getting my custom document and car entry permit done at “Mini Cafe” as usual, I proceed to border and in less then an hour, I am having lunch at this popular Thailand Chicken Rice.

10092010108As usual, chicken rice + roasted pork + meat ball.

After lunch, continue our journey to Trang, our first night stop at Thailand to Phuket.  The reason why I did not stop at Hatyai this time is because distance to Trang is only another 200KM where I can cover in less then 3 hours, beside there are nothing much to see in Hatyai beside shopping.  I always plan shopping at Hatyai on the last day so that I do not need to carry so many things around.

On top of that, I will have more time to spend along the journey from Trang to Phuket ( like drop by Krabi ), about 300KM. Else, I have to cover 500KM from Hatyai to Phuket tomorrow.

Reach the hill top restaurant Khao Pubpa at 4pm and decided to have a shot break there, the distance from here to Trang town is about 30KM.

Zheng Ni, Zheng Yuan and Zheng Er.

KhaoPubpa5Very refreshing environment.


KhaoPubpa7Children having a good time with grandpa and grandma.

KhaoPubpaZheng Hao and grandpa.

KhaoPubpa2Grandma waiting for food.


KhaoPubpa3Look at this, fried banana in round shape different from what we seen in Malaysia.

KhaoPubpa4Finally reach Thumrin Thana hotel at about 5pm. The price is about RM150. You may book the hotel HERE. Check in and relax while waiting for dinner time.

ThumrinThana1The room is cosy and spacious.  The hotel is the best in Trang where it is popular among Thai business traveller. It cost about RM150.00 per night. I did not see other foreigner beside us.

ThumrinThana2Nice view from the hotel room.

ThumrinThana3Dinner time.  Decided not to drive after a long day. The hotel receptionist recommended a small restaurant about 1 minute walks away.


Trang1Food is good especially the fried rice with crab meat ( Khao Pat Poh in Thai ).



Wai Yee approved the food quality and we can return whenever we are in Trang.

Trang7After dinner, since the night is still young, we decided to visit the Trang night market held every week from Friday to Sunday.  The location is just beside the Trang city hall. A 5 minutes drive from the hotel.

Trang8Very popular stall selling chicken, in less then 30 minutes when we return from the other end, all the chicks are gone.

Trang9Look at that !!!!!

Trang12Grasshopper !!!!

Trang10Worms !!!!!

Trang11Grasshopper !!!

Trang13Worms !!!!!

Trang14Overall, it just another night market selling all sort of things from food, clothing, fashion accessories, shoe etc etc.

But the price is reasonable cheap as most of the customer is local.

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