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Drive To Phuket – Day 5

Date : 9th September 2010
Time : 8.30am – 5.00pm
Destination : Phuket – Krabi – Trang – Hatyai
Distance : About 450KM

Check out at 8.30am and start our journey driving to Hatyai.  Along the Patong beach – Phuket town bypass, there is a huge premium branded outlet where we thought dropping by but unfortunately it was not open for business yet.

Refuel to full tank in Phuket and that should bring you all the way back to Malaysia without refueling again.  From Phuket to Malaysia is about 500KM.

Passing the Sarasin bridge, we are back to Thailand mainland.

SarasinBridge (1)

The bridge is undergo expansion where additional dual carriage lane added.SarasinBridge (3)

Right after the bridge at the mainland, there are one roll of stall selling all kinds of sea food products.SarasinBridge (2)

SarasinBridge (4) SarasinBridge (21) SarasinBridge (13) SarasinBridge (12) SarasinBridge (11) SarasinBridge (10) SarasinBridge (9) SarasinBridge (8) SarasinBridge (6)

According to grandma, the quality is good and cheap, of course another few kgs of goods added. SarasinBridge (5)

This is steam crab available from a few stalls.  The small size cost about 10Baht each. SarasinBridge (20) SarasinBridge (19) SarasinBridge (18) SarasinBridge (17)

Finger licking good.  Zheng Hao like it….SarasinBridge (16)

Grandma also like it….. SarasinBridge (15) SarasinBridge (14) SarasinBridge (7)We continue after enjoying the steam crab. Along the way near Phang Nga bay, there are a number of stalls by the road side selling handicraft. Again more shopping…..

Handicraft (3)Handicraft (6) Handicraft (6) Handicraft (5) Handicraft (4) Handicraft (2) Handicraft (1)

Proceed to Trang via Highway 4 and we take Trang bypass highway to avoid traffic and Trang town.  Lunch at Khao Pubpa at about 2pm.KhaoPubpa5 KhaoPubpa (4)

Pisang goreng again…. KhaoPubpa (3) KhaoPubpa (2) KhaoPubpa (1)

Check-in  hotel at Asian Hotel Hatyai about 5pm, the hotel cost less then RM100 and the location is great. You may book the hotel HERE. Walk to the nearby market.  As usual… Ubi Kayu with santan is my favorite. Hatyai (3)

Grandma like the small little pineapple from Chiangmai. Hatyai (2)

Dinner at the popular Duck noddle near regency hotel.

The stall operates from 5.00pm to 4.00am morning.

The location of the stall is a bit off the main street, it is located at a dead end alley.  The land mark is look for Regency hotel, from the hotel entrance looking towards Lee Garden Plaza, there is a small lane on your left hand side ( next to Regency open car park ), the stall is located at the end of the walk way.

Hatyai (1)

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Drive To Phuket – Day 3

Date : 7th September 2010
Destination : Phuket Island Round Trip
Distance : About 100KM

After breakfast at hotel, decided a walk to the famous Patong beach.  The beach is not the best we seen in Thailand, but that is good enough to make the kids excited and wanted to jump to the sea. I promise a better beach experience tomorrow when we go island hopping and snorkeling.

PatongBeach (1)

PatongBeach (2) After a slow walk at beach, we decided to explore Phuket by driving round the island. First stop is Karon View point at the south of Patong Beach.

KaronViewPoint (1)

KaronViewPoint (2)

The next stop is Phromthep Cape, the southern tip of Phuket Island.  A very convenient place as car park is just at the foothill. On top of this hill there is an area where hundreds of elephant circling in the middle of open area.  I did not really check out what is the reason behind.PhromthepCape1


There is a light house on top of the hill where you can climb up to have a better view of the surrounding area.



Southern tip of Phuket Island.PhromthepCape7

Behind the souvenir shop near the entrance, there is a restaurant by the cliff where can you dine while enjoying the sunset…. I might try if time allowed.PhromthepCape8


Opposite of the car part across the entrance of Phromthep Cape, there are a lot of stalls selling souvenir.PhromthepCape11

From Phromthep cape, we carry on to the east of Phuket island, we noticed this elephant attraction and decided to check out what they have to offer.ElephantRide (1)

Elephant riding to the jungle for 30 minutes cost RM80 per person.  We did to take up the offer as we have seen and ride elephant back home.  We notice a lot of mat salleh waiting in line for the elephant ride.ElephantRide (2)

At noon, we passed by some shop near Phuket town where Wai Yee spotted this delicious food and decided not to let it go. LocalFood (2)LocalFood (1)

LocalFood (3)LocalFood (4)LocalFood (5)LocalFood (6)

The owner is the second generation chinese born in Thai. However, they could  not speak Chinese anymore.LocalFood (7)

Since we planned for the Fantasea show at night, we decided to head back to the hotel for some rest.

Fantasea is a Theme park with cultural show, it is very popular among visitor to Phuket.

The Published entrance fees is about RM180 per person inclusive of buffet dinner.  According to the Fantasea website http://www.phuket-fantasea.com/index.php, the entrance fees is fixed and no discount allow from their agent.  During out visit, we can get good discount from the road side agent, may be due to low season ( But the show is almost 80% full).  Travel agency residing at hotel usually do not give good discount on trips. Always try the agent at the road side.  They will issue you with a receipt and use it a a proof to collect the ticket when you reach Fantasea.

Transport is available for a fees as well. Since it is less then 30 minutes drive, we decided to drive to Fantasea show at 6pm.

Fantasea (5)Fantasea (4)

First, you have to bring your receipt to the ticket counter to exchange for the computer generated ticket and with a sticker indicated your seating location. You have to peel the ticket sticker and stick on on your shirt.  If you purchase the ticket with the buffer dinner, your buffet dinner seating will be indicated as well.Fantasea (3) Fantasea (2)We dine at the restaurant inside Fantasea, right after the entrance through the security check point. The price is higher than ordinary but food is quite ok.  The toilet is design with farm land theme where the entire toilet featured “kampung” lifestyle.

Fantasea (26) Fantasea (25) Fantasea (24) Fantasea (23) Fantasea (22)

Fantasea (21)Push my nose to flush!!

Fantasea (20)Hold my nose to turn on the tap!!!

Fantasea (19)

This is the outlook of the buffet restaurant. Fantasea (18)

This is the outlook of the Theater. No camera is allow in the theater. They will collect it before you enter the theater. You will be hand a token with number where you may collect your camera after the show at the exit point.Fantasea (17) Fantasea (16) Fantasea (15)

The theme park is basically shopping bazaar and  games counter like what we had in “fun fair” like throwing balls, shooting. etc

The decoration and lighting is very beutiful especially at night. The whole theme park light up with colourful neon light.

Fantasea (14)

Fantasea (13) Fantasea (12) Fantasea (11) Fantasea (10) Fantasea (9) Fantasea (8) Fantasea (7) Fantasea (6) Fantasea (38)The theater outlook at night.

Fantasea (37) Fantasea (36)

Stage show at the theme park. Fantasea (33)

Zheng Yuan in front of the largest buffet restaurant in the Theme Park. Fantasea (32)

Fantasea (31) Fantasea (30)

Kids with “bigger” angel at theme park. Fantasea (28)

The show last about 1 hour and 30 minutes. At the end, this is where you collect your camera according to the colour token that you have.DSCN1032Some might think that Fantasea is not worth paying that kind of money.

Its really depends on individual.  Like it or not, it is one of the most popular tourist hotspot where thousand of people watching the show every night.

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Drive to Phuket – Day 2

Date : 6th September 2010
Time : 9.00am – 4pm
Destination : Trang – Krabi – Phuket
Distance : About 300KM

After breakfast at hotel, checkout at 9am and continue our journey to Phuket, about 300km from Trang.

During our last trip to Krabi, we stop by a very famous honey roasted pork coffee shop in Trang, we decided to drop by before  leaving for Phuket.


Unfortunately, the shop is not open because owner’s mother is sick ( see how women can dig out so much information in a short chat ). Luckily the stall selling the authentic teochew moon cake is open. It cost about RM4 per pc.TrangMoonCake (3)TrangMoonCake (2)

Always buy some food when you are traveling as you will never know when is your next stop for food.TrangMoonCake (1)

We reached Krabi about 11am, since it is still early we decided by drop by Tiger Cave temple again.

TigerCaveTemple (2)Grandpa and grandma in front out God of Mercy- Kwan Yin.TigerCaveTemple (3)TigerCaveTemple (4)

The temple is still in construction since our last visit in 2009.TigerCaveTemple (5)

TigerCaveTemple (1)

Continue our journey and having lunch at this Cabbages and Condoms Restaurant along the main road to Phuket.LocalFood (2)

The restaurant is directly facing the main road, the decor and environment is clean and comfortable.LocalFood (3)

Fried rice with Crab Meat in Star shape. The outlook is nice but not as good as the one we had yesterday at Trang.  I noticed we had this popular, cheap and delicious food almost every meal whenever we are in Thailand, I guess because it is fast and all kids like it. In Thai, it is call ” Khao Pat Poh “.LocalFood (1)

Finally, reach Phuket at 5pm. We stayed at Patong Resort Hotel costing about RM110.00 per night. Room is spacious and clean. Location is strategically located in the middle of Patong beach and walking distance to beach, shopping and the famous Bangla road.  You can book the hotel HERE.PatongResortPatongResort1

Night time at Patong Beach.PatongStreet (1)PatongStreet (2)

Zheng Er enjoying her ice cream after dinner.PatongStreet (3)

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