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Koh Samui 2008 – Day 6

Day 6
Date : 3rd October 2008
Time : 2pm ( Thailand Time )- 1.30am following day ( Malaysia Time )
Destination : Hadyai – Kuala Lumpur
Distance : About 500KM

No Morning call, enjoy breakfast at hotel and proceed to last minute shopping and massage.

Left for lunch at Sadao about 2pm.

Due to heavy traffic, both Thailand and Malaysia custom was very busy and it took us 2 hours to cross the border.

The procedure of crossing the border is quite similar where all the passenger must get down from the car to get the passport stamp. The drive must drive the car passing through the customer, hand over the car entry permit ( you need to get down from the car to sign the form and a log book – just park in front of the custom office at the end of the drive through lane ).

After you hand over the car entry permit, you may park your car at the parking space and return to the immigration office to get your passpost stamp. Once everything done, your may drive your car out of the parking and directly to Malaysia custom.

Duty free shop is on your right hand side and the price is 1 of the cheapest I encounter.

Passing through Malaysia custom is a breeze. Passenger do not need to get down from the car, just drive to one of the immigration lane, get the passport stamped, pay the toll ( ya, after no toll for 5 days ) and proceed to custom check, just answer the question by the custom officer and welcome back to Malaysia.

We reach Changlung about 7pm Malaysia time, dinner and proceed back to Kuala Lumpur.

It is a wonderful holiday and next year plan is in the process.

So, is it expensive to travel by car to Thailand ? A member”s Toyota Avanza used about RM300 fuel to cover about 1800 KM in 6 days, Toyota Innova about RM400, Toyota Hilux about RM400, Pajero 2.4 Auto RM700.

The price of petrol is about RM0.50 more expensive than in Malaysia but travelling in the speed of 90 – 110km/h proved to be very economical.

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