1 Krabi Road1 Krabi StickerThis trip bring us from KL to Krabi via Hatyai and Trang.

Total Traveling : 1600KM

Drive to Krabi Day 1

Drive to Krabi Day 2

Drive to Krabi Day 3

Drive to Krabi Day 4

Drive To Krabi Day 5

Drive To Krabi Day 6

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  1. Shukri says:


    Your trip to Thailand & Laos is very interesting, though I have never tried it yet. Do u travel together with a tour guide or do u drive alone? Have u driven to Kunming before? I would like to know how tough it is to enter Laos & China in a car.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Shukri,

    Thanks for dropping by.

    I followed a group who organized the trip for the first time.

    Later on I travel on my own to Koh Samui and Krabi, and I am going to Phuket coming Raya Holiday.

    I have not been to China yet but I plan to do so in the future. I understand that car entering China required a lot more procedures which I rather let an experienced organizer to handle it.

    Please do email me so that we can exchange so idea, honchyuan @gmail . com


  3. admin says:

    Hi Vivian, Thanks for visiting. Khao Pubpa coordinate is n07 34.589 e099 47.164

  4. Chris says:

    which GPS map that you are using to travel in Thailand ? I am using garmin , but I don’t find the map on the southern area . Can you advise ?

  5. Chris says:


    Understand that you are travel to Phuket this coming Raya holiday ? do you travel with one car or few cars together ?

    I plan to do the same as you , but can’t find any partners … so don’t know travel in one car is safe or not . what is your view ?

  6. admin says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your visit.

    I am using Garmin too. But when I purchase the GPS, it comes with ESRI Thailand Map.

    I believe your unit does not have Thailand Map that is why you can find it.

    May be you can check with the vendor where you purchase the GPS if they sell Thailand Map.

    I believe MFM ( Malaysia Free Map ) do have some Southern Thailand Map, but I am not too sure how extensive it is.

  7. admin says:

    Hi Chris,

    I am going with a few cars this time, in fact I will go even if I am alone.

    Driving in Thailand is safe for me, makesure you have your car service in tip top condition and change all those necessary parts such as battery, radiator host, alternator, belt if necessary.

    Even so, it might not guarantee no break down. It happened to me once on my trip to Koh Samui 2 years ago where my newly replace radiator host gave way, luckily I brought along a spare unit.

    Of course it will be more fun and safe with more car.

  8. YEAN KHEE says:

    Please let me have the location of the Chicken Rice shop after passing the Malaysian border. Landmark or signs may help.

  9. admin says:


    The chicken rice shop is located on your left hand side from border to Hatyai.

    If I am not mistaken is the second town after the border, a roll of shop by the main road, look for 7-11 under a overhead bridge before a traffic light junction.

    2 shops selling same thing next to each other, and you can see a lot of chicken hanging in the glass cabinet from main road.

  10. YEAN KHEE says:

    Hi ,
    Thanks for the info. I missed the shop the last time I went to Hatyai. I was looking for 7 Eleven and I thought I found it on the right side of road. Will be driving to Krabi on 27th Dec. After 1st time driving to Thai , you will catch on. Thanks again.

  11. admin says:

    Please do share with us your driving experience and photo.

  12. sam says:

    Hi there, i find tis website vry intersting….i will be driving to krabi next week…but i m not sure if the floot effect the road to krabi,please advice.

  13. john says:

    hi admin , i will drive to krabi soon..i would like to ask u couple question

    1. how do we know the highway from had yai to krabi,is it the signboard clear for us when driving?is there any signboard in english?

    2. if im lost what should i do?

    3. what is the best gps did u used before?is it okay if im using my phone gps garmin?

    4. can u give ur advise about the route to krabi

  14. admin says:

    Hi John,

    1) The signboard in Thailand are in English, if you are going to Krabi, you are going to take highway No. 4 to Phatthalung, Trang then Krabi.
    2) If you are lost, speak to the local in simple English. Talk to student will be a better bet if you can find one. or you may call Thailand Tourism Board office 66-2250-5500. GSM prepaid card is widely available, you may get one from Chang Lung town before crossing the border as well.
    3) I use Garmin with ESRI Thailand map. During my last trip to Songkhla, I also tried Garmin with Malaysia Free Map –, they covered most of the important destination.
    4) The route to Krabi is quite straight forward. From Hatyai to Phatthalung is a dual carriage highway like Malaysia North South Highway, Phatthalung to Trang is a bit hilly and some section are single carriage. Trang to Krabi is similar to Malaysia federal trunk road, single carriage. Petrol kiosk cum rest area are available along the road. Please refer to for more information.

    Enjoy your trip.


  15. publicway says:

    It is great to read back the messages again when i have just covered half of my trip :)

    Am doing this posting in my Phuket budget hotel ( room now. I ony searched for hotel when i arrives Patong beach yesterday. Drove around looked at some hotels and liked this one (blue ocean studio). asked the price the want charge me RM150, then i went to a few agency website and finally manage to online book through with only RM75!! IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME ROOM. So much defferent in rate. i always compare online booking and hotel walk-in during my this trip and i have save atleast 40% in rates. sometimes hotel walk-in direct offer much better rate than online booking. do compare. we like this way i.e. able to drive around look at the hotel options (go in look at the room also) then only make final decision with best rate. i tried once pre-booking before trip through net by turn out room not as nice as in website :(, so never do this again liao.

    My drive from JB – Phuket is very relaxing and exciting. THANKS KENT FOR HIS BLOG, IT REALLY MAKE THE DRIVING SOUNDS SO SIMPLE (AND IT REALLY IS!).

    This is my 1st time dirving to Thailand. AND I DO NOT HAVE A GPS! I STILL DO IT THE TRADITIONAL WAY, AND IT CAN BE FUN ALSO I.E. YOU WILL GET TO THE TOWN’S ROADS BETTER IN YOUR MEMORY. Just obtain those free maps when you reach every town. However i did buy 1 Southern RM12 and it is very useful when i drive between towns.

    16Dec – JB>Penang
    17-18Dec – Hatyai
    19-20Dec – Trang
    21-23Dec – Krabi
    23Dec-2Jan – Phuket
    >3Jan – Msia…

  16. admin says:

    I am glad that you make it to Phuket safe… do enjoy your holiday.

    Those who wants to read Public Way journey from JB to Phuket, please read here :

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