Flood in Hatyai

I actually planning for a year end trip driving to Hatyai and Songkla where I wish to check out a few makan place like Water View restaurant at Danok and Ko Yo at Songkla.

It will be a 3 days 2 night trip over the weekend in the school holiday mainly exploring Hatyai, Songkla and Pattalung area.

But I may change my plan due to the recent flood in Thailand. Unless the flood subside at least 4 weeks before my trip so that the area is clear from health and diseases problem.

According to the Bangkok Post news today, the flood condition start improving, let see how it goes.

Apparently this is not the first time where Hatyai is flooded, it has been quite norm during the year end raining season.

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  1. Lm says:

    I love to travel in Thailand too. Been driving to Phuket like you did and spent quite some trips in southern region like hatyai and songkhla. Personally, I like songkhla a lot. You definitely need to try the seafood at ko yo. Don’t miss to visit the museum there. My kids like it a lot.

  2. admin says:


    Thanks for visiting.

    The food there is great and I have been wanted to drop by Ko Yo numbers of time but couldn’t make it.

    May be I should just make a trip dedicated to HatYai and Songkhla.

    Do you have any restaurant to recommend ?

  3. Ismail Farouk says:

    Hi there, I am travelling by motorcycle from Singapore to Krabi on the 29th of December. In which I will pass the Hat Yai and songkhla Region. Currently, can anyone advise me the condition there. Are the roads still passable. I need some help on what are the alternatives I could take to get to Krabi. Thank You very much. Plus pls do advise me about the fuel price in Thailand and the safety.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Ismail,

    The guess the best person to answer you is Thailand Tourism Board Singapore http://sg.tourismthailand.org/home about the flood condition.

    As the the petrol price, kindly refer to http://www.eppo.go.th/retail_prices.html

    From Malaysia, there are 2 ways to Krabi

    1) Highway 4 – Bukit Kayu Hitam – Hatyai – Phattalung – Trang – Krabi
    2) Coastal Road 416/404 – Wang Kelian – Satun – Trang – Krabi

    Hope it helps