Drive To Phuket – Day 6

Date : 10th September 2010
Time : 11.00am ( Thailand Time ) – 9.30pm ( Malaysia Time)
Destination : Hatyai – Kuala Lumpur
Distance : About 500KM

Morning breakfast at hotel, my lady and grandma continue their shopping at the wet market.

DSCN1117After breakfast, we visit an old lady we met from our previous trip to Koh Samui.  Nice lady who still remember Zheng Hao, Zheng Ni, Zheng Yuan and Zheng Er.  This lady run a family restaurant near the odean shopping mall.

DSCN1122 DSCN1121 DSCN1120

DSCN1118We checked out at 11am so that we can reach home earlier, lunch at the Chicken rice shop near Sadao.

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Grandma still remember the tasty pineapple that she tried the first day we arrived at Thailand.


20Baht each and we ordered 10pcs….10092010109

Grandma showing her skill to the stall owner.10092010114 10092010113 After lunch, continue our journey. Go through the custom clearance procedure at both country without any problem.  Reach home about 9.30pm.

Another wonderful trip for the whole family.

I am looking forward the next trip next year… may be Hua Hin..

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9 Responses
  1. Chris says:

    I am follow your blog now for the trip . do you have any recommendation for places to visit in Phuket ? I heard there is a premium outlet open in Phuket and sell a lot of branded stuffs with cheap price. Do you have the chance to visit ?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for dropping by and sorry for the late reply.

    Yes, there is a huge outlet selling branded clothing along the Patong Beach Bypass, it open from 9am.

    I did not visit the place as shopping of branded clothing is not my priority.

    Depending on what you really like, just assume Phuket is just another island with a numbers of island hopping trip for snorkeling and diving.

    Nightlife is great at Bangla road, Patong beach where you can enjoy till 4am with out anybody trouble you.

  3. Carmen says:

    Hi, checked out few articles. You are really good driving to Thai, so wish to check with you, any update on the ‘entrance’ procedure from Malaysia to Thai by driving? Planning to drive from Ipoh to Hatyai, so whether good to drive our car in or leave at the duty free shop? Also the documents that required to drive in? Only car registeration card? Thank you

  4. admin says:

    Hi Carmen,

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I won’t claim I am good but I guess those who are good in it does not document it.

    The entrance procedure to Thailand is still the same as mentioned in the blog. You can check those trip journal.

    All you need is the car registration card, original if possible. Purchase the Thailand insurance at the border and submit it at the Thai custom to obtain the car entry permit.

    Self driving will be more enjoyable as you can further venture to Songklah or even Trang…

    Taking taxi is more relaxing as you do not need to worry about the route. However, GPS is cheap now, get one with Thailand map will help you a lot.

    Please do share with me your trip so that I can upload it and share with the rest.

  5. zam says:

    can u tell me what document we need to prepare for drive from malaysia to thailand<<,,i plan to visit hua hin and bangkok in june,,,can u help me about that,,,thanks

  6. admin says:

    Hi, you need to bring along the car registration card ( preferable original ) for insurance purchase and border crossing.

    If you are not the car owner, then you need the authorization letter from the car owner.

    Please read the my blog journey or the FAQ section for more information.

  7. Daniel says:


    I plan to drive to Phuket. I never drive to Thai before. Im bring my wife and 3 year old kids along.

    What I’m concern, is it the ride is safe. In terms on security and road condition. Easy to drive to destination???

  8. admin says:

    Hi Daniel,

    My friend Public Way just had a 2 weeks self drive holiday from JB to Phuket

    The road is equivalent to what we had in Malaysia and it is toll free.

    Please allow enough rest and try not to drive at night.