Drive To Phuket – Day 5

Date : 9th September 2010
Time : 8.30am – 5.00pm
Destination : Phuket – Krabi – Trang – Hatyai
Distance : About 450KM

Check out at 8.30am and start our journey driving to Hatyai.  Along the Patong beach – Phuket town bypass, there is a huge premium branded outlet where we thought dropping by but unfortunately it was not open for business yet.

Refuel to full tank in Phuket and that should bring you all the way back to Malaysia without refueling again.  From Phuket to Malaysia is about 500KM.

Passing the Sarasin bridge, we are back to Thailand mainland.

SarasinBridge (1)

The bridge is undergo expansion where additional dual carriage lane added.SarasinBridge (3)

Right after the bridge at the mainland, there are one roll of stall selling all kinds of sea food products.SarasinBridge (2)

SarasinBridge (4) SarasinBridge (21) SarasinBridge (13) SarasinBridge (12) SarasinBridge (11) SarasinBridge (10) SarasinBridge (9) SarasinBridge (8) SarasinBridge (6)

According to grandma, the quality is good and cheap, of course another few kgs of goods added. SarasinBridge (5)

This is steam crab available from a few stalls.  The small size cost about 10Baht each. SarasinBridge (20) SarasinBridge (19) SarasinBridge (18) SarasinBridge (17)

Finger licking good.  Zheng Hao like it….SarasinBridge (16)

Grandma also like it….. SarasinBridge (15) SarasinBridge (14) SarasinBridge (7)We continue after enjoying the steam crab. Along the way near Phang Nga bay, there are a number of stalls by the road side selling handicraft. Again more shopping…..

Handicraft (3)Handicraft (6) Handicraft (6) Handicraft (5) Handicraft (4) Handicraft (2) Handicraft (1)

Proceed to Trang via Highway 4 and we take Trang bypass highway to avoid traffic and Trang town.  Lunch at Khao Pubpa at about 2pm.KhaoPubpa5 KhaoPubpa (4)

Pisang goreng again…. KhaoPubpa (3) KhaoPubpa (2) KhaoPubpa (1)

Check-in  hotel at Asian Hotel Hatyai about 5pm, the hotel cost less then RM100 and the location is great. You may book the hotel HERE. Walk to the nearby market.  As usual… Ubi Kayu with santan is my favorite. Hatyai (3)

Grandma like the small little pineapple from Chiangmai. Hatyai (2)

Dinner at the popular Duck noddle near regency hotel.

The stall operates from 5.00pm to 4.00am morning.

The location of the stall is a bit off the main street, it is located at a dead end alley.  The land mark is look for Regency hotel, from the hotel entrance looking towards Lee Garden Plaza, there is a small lane on your left hand side ( next to Regency open car park ), the stall is located at the end of the walk way.

Hatyai (1)

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