Drive To Phuket – Day 4

Date : 8th September 2010
Destination : Phuket – Island Hopping

One of the most important activity is island hopping where kids get to experience snorkeling.

There are a number of different packages offered, the most popular one is Phi Phi Island full day tour, in my opinion it is not so suitable for young kid as the distance is longer ( about an hour ) and you may not have full day energy taking care of them.

The second one will be full day Phang Nga Bay or James Bond island where focus more on sight seeing, kayaking and lunch at the famous Panyee island. I don’t think my kid will enjoy it.

I decided a 3rd option, half day 3 Khai island snorkeling trip which is just  20 minutes boat ride from Phuket Island.  It is short distance so that I would not get question like ” are we there yet”  often.  It is low season and the cost is about 1800baht for 1 adult and 3 children.  The booking is done at the road site stall where better discount offered.

Since it is half day tour, no lunch is included but free flow drink and fruit and limited snack is provided. Be prepare to bring some snack just in case the food – sandwich provided might not suit your taste.

Pickup from the hotel at about 7.30am by van and move toward jetty at near Phuket town.

KohKhai (2)

We depart to the island at about 9am from the jetty. For those of you who travel with young kids, try to be the first to board the speedboat so that you can pickup the limited small size life jacket.

KohKhai (3)

KohKhai (18)Khai Island, Chicken Egg in Thai basically is 3 small island.  If you do not like to hop 3 islands, you can tell the tour guide so that they will drop you at the last island.

Only the first and last island has a beach, there is no beach at the 2nd island so only snorkeling in the middle of the sea.

The cost of the lazy chair with umbrella is 150Baht for a day, if you are fine with you bags on the sandy beach, you don’t need one.

KohKhai (9)Beach is nice with fine, white and soft sand.KohKhai (17)

KohKhai (16)

A lot of fish, you can buy bread from the near by stall for 50baht each. Please note this bread is just for fish and not for us to consume.  It is rather expensive but who cares when 3 little monster enjoy it. Alternatively, you may buy some bread from Phuket as light lunch and also for fish feeding. KohKhai (15) KohKhai (14) KohKhai (13)

No No No.. Zheng Hao is taking a sausage buns, not the bread for the fish, in fact he is share his buns with the fish.. KohKhai (12) KohKhai (11) KohKhai (10) A restaurant selling food and drinks at the island.KohKhai (8) KohKhai (7)

This is the second island, the boat will park near the island so that you can do a deep see snorkeling. It is raining season and we spotted a numbers of jelly fish.  After a few dive, everyone decided to move on the the last island.KohKhai (20)

The last island is Khai Noi. If you decided to stay at one island, the boat will drop you at the beginning of the trip. This is the place where they serve you fruit and snack- sandwich.KohKhai (19)Continue swimming and snorkeling.

KohKhai (6) KohKhai (5) KohKhai (4) KohKhai (1)Blue sky and white sandy beach.

KohKhai (24)150 Baht per seating. KohKhai (23) KohKhai (22)

Back to the Phuket Jetty about 1pm and transfer back to hotel.  Rest and relax at hotel pool…..

At night, we check a food stall not far from the hotel.  If you see a lot of local patron the stall, it should be good.LocalFood (3)Simple setup with good food and low price.

LocalFood (2)

LocalFood (1)

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