Drive To Krabi – Day 5

Date : 24th September 2009
Time : 10.00am – 4.30pm
Destination : Krabi – Trang – Hatyai
Distance : About 300KM

After breakfast, I had some time to walk around the area nearby Aonang Villa.  Surprisingly I discover a board showing 50% discount for massage from 10am to 2pm.  I guess business must be very slow in this low season period. In fact I had been offered 20% discount on massage previous day at Aonang beach front area.

sKrabi1Zheng Er enjoying breakfast before we head back to Hatyai at 10.00am



skrabi4Group photo session.

skrabi5We took the same way where we came from few days ago, highway 4.  But this time, we by passed Trang town and head over to Khao Pubpa for lunch.

skrabi6Some poster at the restaurant telling the story about the development around the area long long time ago.


skrabi8After lunch, continue our journey back to Hatyai via Phattalung.

Along the way, we stopped by some local stall along the highway selling these delicious pineapple, some call it crystal honey pineapple.



Car 3 finally decided to buy the antique coffee table, luckily it fit nicely to my truck.

We reached Hatyai about 4.30pm, check in to Asian hotel, the cost is below RM100. The location is located in the middle of the city where walking distance to all the hot spot. You may book the hotel HERE.

At night, we had our dinner at this popular duck noodle.  As usual the portion is rather small and you need at least 2 bowls to fill up your stomach.

The stall operates from 5.00pm to 4.00am morning.

The location of the stall is a bit off the main street, it is located at a dead end alley.  The land mark is look for Regency hotel, from the hotel entrance looking towards Lee Garden Plaza, there is a small lane on your left hand side ( next to Regency open car park ), the stall is located at the end of the walk way.

There are 2 stalls selling the same duck noodle, I cannot tell which one is better and original.  Maybe you can try both.


sLastHatyai2Besides duck noodle, there are a numbers of other choice as well.

sLastHatyai3After dinner, we moved on to the famous street in from of Lee Garden Plaza for some dessert.  To be honest, the price is rather expensive for road side dessert, 50Baht ( about RM5)  for Lin Chee Kang where you can get it at less then RM2 in Malaysia.


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9 Responses
  1. vivian0105 says:


    your blog provide a lot helpful infos, can I have the gps coordinate to Khao Pubpa? Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Vivian,

    Thanks for visiting. Khao Pubpa coordinate is n07 34.589 e099 47.164

  3. rosni says:

    should we have gps to guide them to go there?

  4. rosni says:

    i meant to guide us to go there

  5. admin says:

    GPS is always very handy at least you know where you are.

    Without a GPS, you have to rely on conventional map.

    The road signboard in Thailand is very detail and it always indicated the road number.

    If you do not have GPS or map, I guess google map is very useful for you.

  6. suewanchik says:

    Reading your blog seems to assure me it is okay to drive frm kangar to krabi thus phuket….
    will be going to phuket via land this chinese new year break.

  7. admin says:


    Thanks for visiting.

    It is perfectly okay to drive from Malaysia to Krabi, Phuket and even other parts of Thailand.

    I have been driving there for the past few years and many others are doing the same.

  8. CH says:

    Thx for posting all the helpful and delailed info.
    Is it OK if were to go by one car? I meant, any shops/houses along the highway from pattanglung-Trang-KB-PhangNga, that can provide some assistance in case car broken down?…

  9. admin says:

    There are a lot of shops along the highway, as long as you travel day time, getting help is not a problem because car speak universal language. Unless you are driving car not so popular in Thailand such as korean car.