Koh Samui 2008 – Day 1

Day 1
Date : 28th September 2008
Time : 7.00am ( Malaysia Time ) – 4pm ( Thailand Time)
Destination : Kuala Lumpur – Hadyai
Distance : About 500KM

Met up with the rest of the members at Rawang Rest Area about 7am and we proceed to our destination, Hatyai.

Breakfast at Tapah rest area follow by lunch stop at ChangLung, the border town before crossing to Thailand.

We reach Changlung at about 1pm, prepare our boarding pass and car insurance at a restaurant/rest area ( short drive after Changlung town with a huge signboard ” Mini Cafe “.

Just hand over your passport and car registeration card to the counter and they will prepare all the necessary document to enter Thailand. The cost is RM1 per passport and the insurance depending on the car types and duration of stay. A minimum 9 days insurance for a saloon car cost less then RM20.00.

After everything is ready, proceed to Bukit Kayu Hitam check point for custom clearance. Passing through the Malaysia custom is very simple, just drive to the available counter and hand over your passport ( Passenger does not need to get down from car ). Once its done, we proceed to Thailand border where we need to park our car at the parking area and everyone must get down from the car and proceed to the immigration office. Once the passport is stamped, the car owner must proceed to another counter in the middle of the drive through lane to obtain a car entry permit. All you need to do is hand over the passport and the car registration card to the officer and he/she will print out a copy of the car entry permit to you.

You must proceed to the next counter in front of you to hand in the car entry permit to another officer ( The officer will ask you to sign on the car entry permit ), once you hand over the car entry permit to the officer, you can now proceed back to your car and drive through the custom, as you pass the custom, the officer will return the car entry form that you submited early on, please have a quick check to make sure that you collect the correct car entry permit.

All done and Sawadee Khrap, welcome to Thailand.

For your information, Thailand has an hour different time zone with Malaysia. 2pm in Malaysia is 1pm in Thailand. It is adviseable to adjust your watch to local time to avoid confusion.

About 45 minutes later, we reach hotel Mayflower Glande, Hatyai at about 4pm. Check in to the hotel and we proceed to enjoy the food and shopping as well as good massage after a long day drive.

As usual, the food is good and price is very reasonable.

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