Drive to Hua Hin – Day 3

Date : 16th September 2012

Hua Hin – Dolphin Bay

After breakfast, check out and moving to our next destination, Dolphin Bay, about 100KM South of Hua Hin. On the way we drop by Hin Lek Fai view point where you can have the best view of Hua Hin coast line.

I notice there are a lot of monkeys near the temple area ( Same with the Tiger Cave/Wat Tham Sue at Krabi where Zheng Er lost her drinking bottle ), So do not carry any loose item…. or prepare to lose it.

There are a lot of stalls along the road to Hin Lek Fai view point selling fresh sea food and some restaurant as well. I am not sure about the food there but eyeing at the fresh seafood, the food should be good. But since it is still early to have lunch.. we decided to move on…

Moving forward, we drop by Khao Tao, a fishing village further south.

Laughing Buddha is popular in Thailand and almost appear in most of the temple I visited…

Those are statues.. not real monk

again… a statue

moving on to another fishing village where we planed to had our lunch before hitting Dolphin Bay.  The village is about 50KM south of Hua Hin, look and feel like Kuala Selangor.  There are a lot of restaurant around ( If you are not sure where is the restaurant, look for coca cola signboard… ) and choose the following one due to its unique outlook.

Looks like our choice is right… There are a lot of newspaper cutting on the wall, looks like it is one of the high recommended restaurant. I cannot read Thai but by looking at the menu with some “TV” logo… it cannot go wrong..

Squid is the most popular seafood here as you can see fisherman drying squid at the open area near the beach.

Following are the menu, you may want to save a copy for reference..



We had fish, prawn.. crab meat.. rice.. mixed vege.  Price is on higher side where it cost about 2200 Baht for our lunch… but the food is fresh and good.

This is highly recommended.. crab meat

5HuaHin (240)


5HuaHin (239)

Wonderful lunch..

5HuaHin (238)

Yes..its good… please watch your diet…

5HuaHin (241)

Elephant is coming to town… you can buy fruit at 20 Baht each to feed the elephant

After lunch… drive another 30Km to Dolphin Bay. Yes, you may spot Dolphin from November to January at the open water at a near by island.  The area is quiet and there are only about 5 families at the resort.  Food is limited to the hotel restaurant and a near by food stall.  The area will only be crowed during peak year end seasons.  The room rental cost about 1300 Baht each room. The resort had a large garden and pool with slide.. perfect for kids.  Beach is just across the road but it is not as good as Hua Hin..but it is quiet and relaxing for holiday……… MAXIMUM 2 days for me because I just had nothing else to do other than watching the kids enjoying themselves at pool and beach..

treasure at the beach…


All you can do is sit…rest…. sleep…



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