Drive to Hua Hin – Day 2

Date : 15th September 2012

Had our breakfast at hotel, the hotel is located in the centre of city and about 300 meters walk to the beach.

Walk to the beach after breakfast, saw this 5 things to do in Hua Hin at the entrance to the beachSome photo taken in Hua Hin beach. There are a numbers of activities you can do at the beach such as water sport and horse riding.

Beach front hawker stall.

Beach chair for rent, its all about money, money, money…

Hilton Hua Hin, one of the earliest and prominent hotel here.

A temple next to the beach, please note one of the god is similar to what we had at Genting Highland.

Fishing village one end of  Hua Hin beach.

Continua walking around town, as its still early, a lot of shops are not open for business yet.

This is a shop near the morning we market/night market selling fireworks, apparently it is legal and popular to play fireworks at the beach area.

Quite a number of selections.

This is Hua Hin morning market.

and normally there are a lot of local foods at the morning market.

we sample some of the local food and it is quite tasty for my liking.

Like many parts of Thailand, chinese influence can be seen around town but most of them except the old generation cannot converse in Mandarin or dialects.

Continue walking around town and visit some malls. Actually it is just a number of small shopping mall around town.

It was raining so we decided to have early lunch at a western restaurant in town.

After lunch, we drove up north towards Cha Am/Airport where factory located –  FN factory.

A giant colorful dinosaurs welcome us at the entrance.

Apparently there are a few dinosaurs inside the stall as well.

Is it cheap ? I am not sure as I am not fancy branded stuff. In fact only 5 percents of the goods here from those international brands, the rest is a local brand cater for export market.

There is a cafe here with all the hero sculpture. 

This is an antique art of wood carving.

Giant bear for sale in the store…

The entire building is design with a lot of green especially the bridge connecting 2 buildings.

Later we drive to a view point on top of a hill overlooking entire Hua Hin town.

Met a friendly Thailand couple with their pet… a lovely bulldog.

beneath is Hua Hin Golf course.. apparently the first golf course in Thailand is located at Hua Hin.

After the view point, we drove west to visit Salipin art village, basically it is a art centre converted from a village with a numbers of wooden house.

Welcoming us at the entrance is no other than the famous Mona LiHao

Mona LiNi

Mona Li Er.. ( Not Lier )

Mona LiYuanand Mona LiYee

If you like art, then you will enjoy it.. we just take a stroll, relax.. and rest


Enough rest… then we move on to visit the largest buddha statue in Thailand ( That is what it claims in the travel brochure )…

Next is the floating market, apparently some company create a man-made lake with the similar concept of the floating market.  There are more like a shopping area where stalls selling all kinds of goods circling the lake.  There are 2 of these so call floating market in Hua Hin now.

You can also take the boat ride around the lake as well.

Cultural performance in the middle of the lake…. not magical show… there are some platform build underneath.

Its time for dinner, back to the hotel and take a taxi to another night market cater more for local. A short 2KM cost about 100Baht. Having dinner at the night market food stall cater for local… we are the only tourist there… purely authentic Thai food… typically cost about 300 to 400 Baht per meal per person.

grill fish

Mostly local here…

and here we have some quick sketching for the kids..

While waiting for their respective turn.. they had fun….


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