Drive to Hua Hin – Day 1

Date : 13th September 2012
Time : 4.30pm ( Malaysia Time ) – 11pm ( Thailand Time)
Destination : Kuala Lumpur – Danok
Distance : About 550KM

Date : 14th September 2012
Time : 7.30am  – 6.30pm
Destination : Danok – Hua Hin
Distance : About 700KM

Left KL right after Zheng Ni’s UPSR exam and 6 hours later we are in Danok, going through custom at 10.3opm is a breeze but please do have your insurance done with earlier arrangement as some of the agent at Chang Lun close earlier.  I suggest to be at Chang Lun not later then 10pm as I noticed only a few agency stay up late ( Please go to those coffee shop of restaurant ), in fact I was the last customer at the petrol station or you have to top up with expensive fuel in Thailand.

Next morning having breakfast at Danok street hawker as the hotel breakfast is not ready at 6.3oam.  Danok is a small town serving mostly Malaysian. People here can speak Bahasa Malaysia and the food is very similar to Malaysia.

Fish ball noodle is not a bad choice.

Porridge is good.

Zheng Hao and Zheng Yuan enjoying noodle breakfast.

Continue our journey at 7.30am as we had a long 700KM to reach Hua Hin, Thailand highway is good as usual, only a few KM section having some maintenance and uneven surface, that made me missed my 4 wheel drive as I couldn’t be bother those small potholes when I am driving a 4 wheel drive with big tyre. I was driving a Nissan Serena this trip where the handling is good and more comfortable for the passenger as everyone will have their own seat. But I just worried sometime when going through uneven road surface wondering if the small tyre can take the punishment or not. Luckily its an non even for the 5 days trip.

At about 10.30am, we refuel at Thung Song. Price for Gasohol 95 is 380 Baht per litre. For the rest of the journey in Thailand, I have been using gasohol 95 without any problem on Nissan Serena.

At 12.30pm,  right after we pass Surat Thani, we got to enjoy a very delicious coconut jelly call “Vun Mak Pau” in Thai ( Mak Pau is Coconut and Vun is jelly ). It cost abou 25o baht each.  There are 10 stores at each sites of the road and some selling at 200 baht if you are good in bargaining.

One for each person and no fighting. 

Continue our journey with smiling face, along the road there are a lot of road side stalls selling local product. We stop to replenish some tibits. That is the advantage in self drive holiday, you can stop as you want and leave as you wish.

At about 1.30pm, we stop at a rest area for lunch. Simple mean and it cost about 30 to 40 baht per person, again 7-11 is the best place to stop because there are so many variety. The best choice is sticky rice and sausages. After the 5 days holiday, we conclude 7-11 is children’s heaven in Thailand, at least for Zheng Hao, Zheng Ni, Zheng Yuan and Zheng Er.

Continue our journey after lunch, at about 3.30pm, we reach elephant temple where the last time we visited was in year 2006, the first time we drive to Thailand. Still the same old scene where there are a lots of stall selling banana product…  you are just spoiled of choice.

At 6.30pm, we reached Hua Hin right after dark.  Check in to hotel Hua Hin beach hotel and walk to the near by Hua Hin night market.  There are 2 night markets in Hua Hin. The one that we visited is more popular and targeted for tourists. It is located next to the Hua Hin wet market.

Suddenly Zheng Hao and Zheng Yuan becomes pirate in Hua Hin.

Very nice setup road side restaurant in night market targeting tourist.

A road site mobile bar.

Eventually Zheng Ni becomes pirate as well.

Old houses being restore to become night market.

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