Drive around Thailand in 14 Days – Day 11

Date : 28th December 2006
Time : 7.30am – 6pm
Destination : Bangkok
Distance : About 650 Km

Early morning call and after breakfast, we proceed to Bangkok, 650KM away. We reach Bangkok about 6pm, luckily Sofitel Central is just next to the Bangkok elevated highway, so we didn’t really affect by the city traffic jam.

Without wasting our time, we proceed to visit one of the most popular night market in Bangkok, Suanlum Night Bazaar. One thing I must praise the Thailand Tourism Board, they did well to make tourist comfortable. When we get the assistance from hotel staff to call a taxi to Suanlum, the staff pass us some card where it list down all popular destination in english and Thai, all you need to do is tick the check box next to the destination and pass it to the taxi driver.. thats all

When we call a taxi from the hotel, the taxi driver oblige to use the taxi meter, it does not happened to us when we need a taxi back to the hotel, but the price is not unusual high, just about 20% more than the metered taxi.

So we arrive a SuanLum Night Bazaar in less than 30 mins, enjoy our dinner and start moving to the jam pack SuanLum market… all kinds of product… you name it you get it here..

Bangkok Big Wheel.

On top of Bangkok Bigwheel at Suanlum Night Bazaar. Notice that the buidling below, the whole area is Suanlum Night Bazaar, its huge and you cannot finish in 1 night, true enough, we go back the second day and continue…..

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