I have been driving to Thailand visiting various places from Southern to some northern and eastern Thailand.

If you would like to find out how to drive to Hatyai, Krabi, Songkla, Phuket, Koh Samui, Hua Hin, Bangkok, Chiangmai and etc, please click the location below to find out the detail of my journey or visit the Trip page.

1) Bangkok + Chiangmai

2) Koh Samui

3) Krabi

4) Phuket

5) Songkhla

6) Hua Hin

For more information about driving to Thailand, please check out the FAQ ( Frequent Asked Question ) page.

If you wish to find out my recent activities and planning for my next trip, visit the Blog section.


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  1. admin says:

    If you are bringing goods to Thailand, their custom is few KM away from check point, they hardly do any checking.

    If you are referring to bringing goods back to Malaysia, so far I had not being taxed.

    The rule is buy for own consumption and some gift, not for business.

    Take initiative to open your bag and show them what you had purchase.

    NEVER challenge that the goods is tax free or saying that you or your friend had done it many times without problem.

  2. Dylan says:

    I visited this blog for N times. I always excite to drive especially after I changed a AWD last years.

    My target is ChiangMai, but many advise me not to go alone (1 car) as I cant speak Thai.

    So anyone organizing road trip this year?? Remember to jio me.

  3. admin says:

    Hi Dylan,

    A visitor of this blog Sunny has done it solo to Chiangmai. – http://roadtriptothailand.blogspot.com/

    Million of Mat Salleh cannot speak Thai but they visit Thailand every year…

    Do it when you can…dont wait… what is the risk ?

  4. Dylan says:

    i follow that blog too. he is thai land rover… go almost every corner of thailand liao….

    for me, hard to pursuit wife to drive alone. still jio’ing.

  5. lyhong2368 says:

    please let me know which hotel do you stay in songkhla for the 2nd day with big swimming pool , looks very nice

  6. admin says:


    The hotel with the swimming pool called Rajamanga Pavillion Beach Resort.

    I did not stay at that hotel as it is fully book during that time.

    However, the hotel that I stayed called Pavillion Songkhla is the sister company of Rajamanga Pavillion, that is why I can make use of the facilities.

    Please note the Rajamanga beach resort is just across the road of the beach and about 2KM from town centre.

    Pavillion Songkhla is just right in the middle of town where the night and sunday market located.

  7. Boon Pin says:

    another option is sun city hotel , coordinate N 07 11.622′ E100 35.888′ .

  8. publicway says:

    Hi Kent,

    Long time no see here, hope u r fine.

    My in laws arrive JB today tmr they will go Kuala Kangsar for chengmeng. Me and wife suppose to join them on sunday and bring them go cuti2 msia. But i have no idea where to bring them cos it will be boring for me :P. so i decided to bring them to Songhla and Hatyai.

    Yes, here i will drive to Hatyai again 3 months after back from my last trip in Dec11.

    But this time i can only go Hatyai cos i can stay the most only 3night in Thailand. Miss Trang and Krabi but x ada masa :(

    I am trying to search for 2-bedroom hotel in Hatyai and Songhla since we have 5ppl. Hope can find one if not will stay in normal separate room then. Do let me know if you know of any hotel offering 2-bedroom suite. Thanks.

    Fellow readers if you wish to drive to Thailand just go no need think much it is not difficult at all. I think for me driving to Thailand is no different like driving to Penang since i from JB, cos both places (penang/thailand) looks as far for me.

    bte thanks Kent you still keep my ‘blog’ !


  9. admin says:

    Hatyai and Songkhla is nice to explore as well.

    I went there last year for short 3/4 days trip.

    I had not stay in a suite in Hadyai before, may be you can check if there is a connection room from the hotel.

    suggest you stay downtown area near the Lee Garden…walking distance to food and shopping and night market.


  10. publicway says:

    am in songhkla now…. stayed at pavillion after reading your post.

    getting bored don know what to do haha… wanna bring my in laws to the ex-communist place afterwards hope is not too far.


  11. publicway says:

    i checked out Lee Garden Plaza Hatyai on 29th Mar afternoon and the bomb exploded on 31st morning!!! We were so lucky!

    My car also parked at the hotel’s B2 carpack same floor the bomb car was parked. If my car kenal it would have been gone cos i didnt buy the insurance (that cover own car) from Msia agent this time.


  12. Explorer says:

    Hi there, thinking of driving up north from singapore to thailand but not sure if it is ‘safe’ for us (4 adults and 3 children) to travel in a ‘big’ car? thanks…

  13. admin says:

    Hi Explorer.

    You may want to avoid Southern area such at Hatyai, Songkhla for the moment as you will not enjoy the trip if you keep thinking about the Lee Garden Hotel bombing incident.

    Area like Yala, Patani has to be avoid all the time ( But I guess you will hardly visit there )

    Other area are safe to visit.

  14. admin says:

    God bless Way..

    Even you bought the insurance it may not cover this kind of bombing attacked, got to look at your insurance policy again.

    Mean time skip Hatyai lor, drive straight up ……

  15. Explorer says:

    Dear Kent,

    Thank you for the prompt advice. Skip Hatyai, drive straight up!? any recommendation? initial plan is to drive to Hatyai… thanks

  16. admin says:

    depending on where you go, you can go to Trang if you are going to Krabi and Phuket.

    If you are going to Koh Samui, then Nakhon Si Thammarat may be a better option

  17. Alfanso Lim says:

    Hi, I would like to know when you go island hopping in Krabi or Phuket, where you keep all the important documents? Do you keep in the safety box in the hotel? Thanks.

  18. admin says:

    Hi Alfanso,

    Yes. I keep all my passport in the hotel safety box.

  19. Jindi says:

    any plan to drive to thailand next month?

  20. admin says:

    Most likely will be after September UPSR Exam..

    May be Koh Lanta or Hua Hin

  21. Peter says:

    Boss ,

    Will be passing by Trang soon. Need your help on the following:-
    1) Any landmark location for the old kopitiam with the crispy pork? (Where do you all park, any issues if you have a few cars? Do you know the name?
    2) For Khao Pubpa, I have passed many times but dont see it, do you know any landmark or signs? The road narrows and goes uphill, but where is the restaurant?


  22. admin says:


    Don’t call me boss lar..

    The GPS point for the Old Kopitiam is N07.55545 E099.60669. Parking will be an issue as that is a main road in the middle of Trang Town. there are road side parking but got to depends on your luck.

    For the Khao Pubpa, GPS is N07.57651 E099.78610. As your drive towards Trang, it is located on the left of highest point of the hill. Look for a sign board call “view point”, its located right before the view point.

    Please do share your trip journey.

  23. Peter says:

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for your tip, as promised. I have some photos from the trip. Phuket Roadtrip

    Actually I have been on many road trips to Thailand, (Phuket multiple times, Bangkok, Ayuthaya etc) but your blog is fantastic.

    My next target will be Mae Hong Soon.

    Thanks for your help.

  24. admin says:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the sharing.

    Don’t forget the get the certificate of driving 1,864 corners when you reach Mae Hong Soon.

    I might be making a trip to Hua Hin or Koh Lipe next week.

    Will keep the blog posted.

  25. aldo says:

    hi all,

    just wanna say thanks to dis website…it help me drive to krabi last time and no need to used gps… :)

  26. Quek says:

    Bro kent,

    My second drive to thailand this 24 oct to krabi !

  27. admin says:

    All the best Quek.

    Safe journey and enjoy the trip.

    I am still finding time to update the blog on my recent trip to HuaHin.. now uploading photo only..

  28. Alfanso says:

    I will be going to Phuket at 11.10.2012. This is my first time drive to Phuket. Your blog very helpful.
    Anyway, do you have the GPS coordinate for Tiger Temple, Krabi and the Cabbage and Condom Restaurant?


  29. admin says:

    Gabbages Condom Restaurant along Krabi to Phuket N08.20416 E098.81746

    I don’t have the Tiger cave GPS coordinate but it is a very popular tourist spot so I believe your existing GPS should have it. Anyway as you drive from Trang to Krabi, it is located after the Krabi Airport, the land mark to note is Big C supermarket. The signboard should give a clear direction. Look for Wat Tham Sue in the signboard

  30. Quek says:

    Kent, me now at krabi , everything fine and perfect! Thank you !

  31. Alfanso says:

    Hi Kent,
    Thank you for your useful information.
    One more thing I would like to ask is about the price of petrol in Thailand. How much per liter for petrol 95 in Thailand? Which petrol station is better?

  32. Quek says:

    There is shell in thailand. The price last week was about 380 THB = RM3.80 per litre.

  33. Alfanso says:

    Quek, thank you.
    May I know what type of petrol you use in Krabi?

  34. admin says:

    If I am not mistake, Quek using diesel.

    I used Gasohol 95 for a Pajero 2400 and Nissan Serena year 2009.

    Price about 350Baht per litre.

    Not all station selling gasoline ( pure petrol ).

  35. Alfanso says:

    Hi Kent, Thank you.

  36. Quek says:

    No, I am using 95 petrol. Krabi shell everywhere

  37. Quek says:

    Alfanso, I only pump 1 time (RM100) for my trip to krabi. I full my tank at changloon. Then I pump at krabi one time. While in hatyai pr krabi , after check in I never drive, i either take tuk-tuk or walk only. For me , I like the beach and relax at hotel
    Only…and I like to eat only..I like thai food. Krabi Food not so good due to many mat salleh and mat salleh only like western food even they are at overseas. Hat yai food also so so only due to too many malaysian and singaporean and they localise the taste !! But, phuket diffrence..phuket food is good everywhere. If u drive to krabi or phuket..pls follow kent suggestion…the Kao Phuba restaurant is worth to stop..nice scene and nice food (price ok but not cheap).

  38. CH Soh says:

    Hi Kent,

    It’s me again. I wrote in your blog back in Sept 13 2011 after my first driving trip into Southern Thailand.

    I just came back from my 3rd driving trip into Thailand just last week (Deepavali holiday). As always, it was really a smooth and pleasant experience driving in Thailand. So much better than driving on our own Malaysian roads!

    To avoid the morning and daytime rush and hush, this time I decided to drive into Thailand and crossed over into Sadao at 10.00pm and it was such a breeze passing thru the immigration both on the Malaysian and the Thai side. No jam, no queue and no hassle at all! It took me only about 10 mins to get thru from Malaysia into Danok.

    Our trip took us to Krabi, Phang Nga and Ranong on the west coast and then cut across to Chumphon and Nakhon Si Thammarat on the east coast. Simply superb and enjoyable driving trip just like the first two times previously.

    You should try visiting Ranong province the next time. It is about 280km from Phang Nga. It is a very laid back town bordering Myanmar with border crossing into Myanmar. Ranong has some nice hot springs too.

    We didn’t join any convoys or groups. We went on our own for all the three trips. Just me and my wife and our car. No convoy, no problem. It’s so easy and stress-free to drive on own our even to far and more remote places such as Ranong.

    We really loved driving in Thailand so we may most likely make another driving trip into Thailand again for a couple of days this coming Christmas holiday. Yet to decide where to head to. Any suggestion?


  39. admin says:

    Hi CH,

    Nice to hear that you have been enjoying yourself with your wife travelling around freely in Thailand.

    I have to agree with you that this type of travelling indeed exciting and rewarding.

    That is why I have been doing it yearly together with my family, my last trip was to Hua Hin on last September, I had uploaded the photo but yet to complete writeup.

    I did the same by crossing the border at about 10pm last trip and like you mentioned, just breeze through the custom.

    Christmas is super peak in Thailand especially Southern Thailand, be prepared for that.

    May be you can try Hua Hin, just 11 hours from Danok and another 3 hours to Bangkok.

    Do share with me about Ranong as I have not been there, do you have a chance to cross the border to Myanmar ? Hows the area there ? Any interesting place in Myanmar across Ranong border ?


  40. CH Soh says:

    Hi Kent,

    It is very easy to get to Ranong. Just stick to Highway No. 4 (Phet Kasem Road) all the way from Phang Nga passing by Khao Lak and you will reach Ranong. If you continue your journey and go further, you will reach Chumphon on the east coast which is about 120km away from Ranong…

    The nice places in Ranong are such as the Raksawarin Hot Spring. It is a popular relaxation spot among the locals. Another one is the The Isthmus of Kra is also located in Ranong along the main road Highway No. 4 on the way to Chumphon. It is the narrowest point of land between the west coast and east coast on the Thai Peninsular. This is where the Kra Buri River that acts as the border between Thailand and Myanmar. There are also some nice waterfalls in Ranong too.

    The Ranong town itself is also nice. It is not as big or busy as Nakhon Si Thammarat or Hat Yai but it has its own charm. We had the opportunity to have really nice Tomyam (one of the best we had in Thailand so far) at one of the restaurants in town. The old lady that took our order spoke Teochew dialect. Unfortunately, I couldn’t recall the name of the restaurant. Having breakfast in the Ranong Municipal Market is also another nice experience.

    Sorry, I didn’t have the chance to cross into Myanmar as I was not prepared and not too sure if we have to apply for a visa to enter Myanmar. The hotel I stayed in is near to the Thai-Myanmar crossing. It’s so near but so far…Maybe I will find out the procedures and the requirements to enter Myanmar the next time I visit Ranong again.

    My initial plan was to drive from Sadao to Hua Hin using the east coast road but I changed my mind and decided to travel to the west coast instead and check out Ranong and then proceed to cut across to Chumphon and back down to Nakhon Si Thammarat before going back to Songkhla. No regrets. Maybe I will make Hua Hin my next driving destination in Thailand…


  41. admin says:

    Thanks for the information.

    Will certainly consider that with crossing to Myanmar at the same time.

  42. Felix says:

    Hi! Kent,
    Thanks for your blog. After reading it I got the confidence to drive to Krabi from Penang with my family of 5 this weekend. I be staying in Krabi for 4 days & 3 nights. Will stop over in Hatyai for a night on the way there and on the way back. This is my first trip to Thailand. At first I thought of taking a flight there to Krabi but after reading your blog I decided to drive there. It seem that driving is more fun and more places to see. Is there any advise from you for me as first timer? I have read your trip to Krabi and will try to follow it closely. Thanks alot.


  43. admin says:

    Hi Felix

    Thanks for your comment

    The only advice is drive safely and enjoy the trip.

    On another note. If you wish to spend more time in Krabi I guess you may reach Krabi the same day instead of stopover at Hatyai

    Please do share your trip experience with us so that other readers can benefit from here.


  44. Felix says:

    Hi! Kent,
    I have to stopover at Hatyai because I am leaving from Penang in the afternoon. By the time I reached Hatyai it will around 5pm. So might as well stopover the night and rest and continue the journey to Krabi the next day. Thanks for the note. Now my concern is about the protest in Bangkok. It is safe to travel to Krabi.

  45. admin says:

    Hi Felix,

    That is a good idea instead of pushing yourself too hard.

    Please allow more time at the emerald pool as I did not get to explore much in my last visit due to limited time.

    Krabi is quite a distance away from Bangkok and people there rely on tourist to earn a living, I guess it will be ok, not to worry too much as you have your own transport and you can leave any time you want …

    Enjoy your trip and please drop me a message if you are coming to KL so that we can have a drink and share some experience.

  46. Felix says:

    Hi! Kent,
    I arrived at Aonang, Krabi this afternoon. I am staying at the Aonang Naga Pura Resort & Spa. Got a special deal from MBF Cards. Only pay RM599.00 for 4 days 3 nights package. The room is so spacious that I can put my whole family in. I make a mistake today on the way to Krabi. Instead of turning left to Trang from Phatthalung just as you mention in your trip I went straight on the highway because my GPS says so. I think that way is longer. Anyway, I am not going to make that mistake again on my way back to Hatyai. I am going through Trang and have look and eat at that restaurant on the hilltop “Khao Pubpa”.

  47. Mark Chow says:

    Hi Admin,

    I had been surfed your blogspot since year 2011 and you really good traveller who can shared the POI with us. If possible pls provide us GPS coodinate.


    mark chow
    [place travelled : hatyai , songkhla and phuket – year 2012]

  48. admin says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I am trying my best to provide as much as information possible.

    But since this is just a leisure travel, I tend to forget about recording the GPS coordinate.

    I will appreciate everyone can provide me with some interesting POI so that I can compile it in a dedicated section.

    You may email me to DriveToThailand@gmail.com


  49. Mark Chow says:

    Hi Kent,

    I also forgot to write down the GPS coordinate coz I’m driver for the whole journey.
    Let me share my favourite hatyai webguide with GPS coordinate:-


    I miss the BigC supermarket and Tesco Lotus cause everytime my cars’ boot will fullload once return to Malaysia. Three times I passed green lane without any major checked by UPU officals.Best time coming back Malaysia is around 7 pm ++ cause near prayer time where the imigresen & UPU officals going to change shift.

    if anyone, drop Koh Samui do update me coz I am planning to Koh Samui ( 3 nites) , Songkhla ( 1 nite) & Hatyai (1 nite) somewhere in June 2013.


    mark chow

  50. publicway says:

    Miss driving in Thailand so much in my own car. Always wish to do it again.

    But hate driving from JB to Bkt Kayu Hitam :(

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