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Drive to Songkhla – Day 3

Date : 18th September 2011

Destination : Songkhla, Hadyai

Last day at Songkhla before moving to Hadyai.

Wake up in the morning and visit the morning market just in front of the hotel.  The Sunday morning market is huge selling all kind of stuffs.

Sunday morning market view from hotel.

 Delicious local food.





 Check out noon and we proceed to visit Songkhla Zoo about 10KM from Songkhla town.  The zoo open everyday from 8.30am to 4.30pm.  I dont remember the exact entrance fees, it is about like 50 baht per person.  As you drive to the entrance of the zoo, you need to buy the ticket at the entrance booth.  Car is allow to drive to the zoo and follow  the road direction to visit all the animal zone.  Or you may walk ( I dont recommend this with young kids ) or hop in to the cart/bus shuttle around the zoo.

Please pay attention to the following schedule for animal performance.





You may also buy fruit to feed the animal at 20 Baht per pack. 









 Very close touch with the deer especially when you are feeding them…




 Run….. the deer is chasing Zheng Er



 Animal performance.

  There is a restaurant inside the zoo serving good Thail food. The view from the restaurant on top of the hill overlooking Koh Yu at the far distance. 

 There is a water theme park schedule to open Oct 2010. During our visit, the water park is partially open and we took the opportunity to enjoy it with great fun.









Best water massage.  








We left the zoo at about 4pm and proceed to Hadyai. Along the way we visit the famous Guanyin temple on top of the hill. The entrance is located at the Hadyai municipal park.







Rabbit Zheng Hao 

Dragon Zheng Ni Goat Zheng Yuan

 And Piggy Zheng Er



My favourite  laughing buddha. Jade Emperor



Check in to Hotel at Hadyai and enjoy the usual food and shopping around the area. 









Drive To Songkhla – Day 1

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Drive To Songkhla – Day 4

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Drive to Songkhla – Day 2

Date : 17th September 2011

Destination : Songkhla

Due to the last minute booking, I am not able to get a hotel with swimming pool.  Luckily Pavilion Hotel has a sister hotel call Rajamanga Beach Resort which is located near the beach side has a nice pool that we can use.

Rajamanga Beach Resort is located about 1.5KM from town centre just across the road from the beach. We took the words from the hotel staff  ” walking distance”  and it took us about half an hour to reach the resort.  Show the hotel staff our key card from Pavilion Hotel and we are enjoying all the facilities.

Hours later, we are going back with tuk tuk….

About noon, we decided to do “dragon hunting” in Songkhla Town… if you happen to be there, please try to find the tail, body and finally the dragon head.


After that, we move on to Songkhla Aquarium on high expectation and felt disappointment after the visit.  The entrance fees is about RM30 per person. The Aquarium is small and the only highlight is the fish feeding time where the diver having fun with the fish and turtle.

The best is still the family ice cream time after the visit.

Lunch time.. we decided to go back to the restaurant at Koh Yu where we discover yesterday during the round island tour.  On the way to Koh Yu, we found this road side stall selling our favorite coconut jelly…and we pack some for our dessert.


The restaurant is located at about few hundred meters from the main road. Once your reach the island, turn left at the first junction ( Same junction to the sleeping buddha ), drive along the small road and turn left again when you hit a T-junction. There are a few restaurant along the road, we choose the 3rd restaurant as we noticed a lot of locals dining there.


The restaurant setup is very similar to sea food restaurant at Port Klang, wooden structure built on top of water.


Nice view from restaurant.


Fresh and delicious Thai Style food.


After lunch, we drive north to explore further.  We discover a beach resort call Haadkaew Beach Resort. It is located at a remote area where life is peaceful here.



We decided to return to Songkhla after hours of exploring via a different route – Ferry instead of driving over Koh Yu.  Right next to the jetty is a temple inside a cave housing God of mercy and my favorite laughing buddha.

When you approach the jetty, you will notice a lot of kids running up and down offering their services to buy ferry ticket.  In fact you don’t need their service as the ticket booth is just located next to the the jetty ( just like a parking booth ). However, the kids will be very happy if you pay them a Baht of two as a tips.  I  don’t remember the exact price of the ferry fees, I guess its around 20-30Bahts per car, passenger inside the car is free.  It is a short cut bring you directly to Songkhla town instead of driving kilometers passing Koh Yu. But during peak hours, the queue can be quite long. The ferry journey took about 10-15 minutes.


Back to Songkhla town, we visit the famous Samila beach where the statue of mermaid located.

Having fun time at beach till sunset, back to hotel, having dinner and slow walk at nigh market…. continue shopping…


Drive To Songkhla – Day 1

Drive To Songkhla – Day 3

Drive To Songkhla – Day 4

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Drive to Songkhla – Day 1

Date : 16th September 2011
Time : 8.00am ( Malaysia Time ) – 12pm ( Thailand Time)
Destination : Changlun – Songkhla
Distance : About 150KM

Depart 5pm from KL and overnight at T-Hotel Changlun.  After breakfast, head towards Mini Cafe ( Now Change name to Naluri  ) for insurance and rush towards Bukit Kayu Hitam… the queue is about 100M from of Malaysia custom and it is not moving an inch for 15 minutes, notice that the jam is all the way to Thai check point due to Malaysia day holiday.

Detour to Padang Besar check point at Perlis.  This is the first time I travel to Perlis and along the way to Padang Besar, you will pass this largest sugar cane farm in Malaysia… nice view…



The traffic  in Padang Besar is lesser for passenger car but quite heavy for bus, this is indeed the other way round in Bukit Kayu Hitam.  Being first time here, just have to ask around the right place to do the right thing but it is very similar to Bukit Kayu Hitam.

Crossing Malaysia check point is straight forward, just stay in your car and hand over the passport to the drive in counter.  Follow the signboard or I rather say follow the others car to Thai check point.  Before the Thai Check point, there is a Malaysia uniform officer ( I cannot recall Polis, Custom or Army ) who will ask for your car registration card and verify with the road tax sticker.

The Thai check point is more organize here as I can see officer directing traffic unlike in Sadao.

In less then an hour we are in Thailand.. heading towards Songkhla for lunch…

The lunch destination is Koh Yo, an island in the largest lake of Thailand.  There are bridge connecting the island from Songkhla and highway to Nakhon Si Thammarat.

As you drive to Koh Yo, you will notice there are some shops and restaurant along the main road.  Since we are hungry.. we just stop by one of the restaurant cum distribution centre of local food product.

The restaurant is located at the back portion of the shop facing Songkhla lake.

The far end is Songkhla Town centre.


Lots of food product and the price is cheaper then Hatyai.  This shop looks more like a distributor.

After lunch, drive around Koh Yo.

The sleeping Buddha cannot be missed as you will see it as your drive to Koh Yo

Koh Yo is a fishing village and we found a few restaurant mainly cater for local.. that will be our lunch target tomorrow.

Check in to Pavillion hotel at Songkhla Town, take a rest and head over to the night market near the hotel.  The hotel is located in the heart of Songkhla town where weekend night market and Sunday market is just walking distance. However, it is about 2Km from the beach. If you prefer beach activities, then this hotel is not for you.

The night market is is cater more for local then tourist, so to speak is price is cheaper then Hatyai.

My Favorite MPV used as a popular desert stall.

Zheng Yuan become a part time staff here…

Live performance by teenager still in school uniform..they are good..early exposure to music..

Lots of food…dessert..etc….

My favorite coconut jelly…

Very attractive… but just not sure about the coloring

and worms … insect…Zheng Hao has his first bite of grasshopper here..

I like this t-shirt… 

Making Ice-cream a traditional way..

Free wayang kulit show…

We had a Japanese dinner at the mobile restaurant on a truck.. why ? Because the truck restaurant looks cool…

The chef this on top of the truck ..

Drive To Songkhla – Day 2

Drive To Songkhla – Day 3

Drive To Songkhla – Day 4

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